Welcome to Helios Solar Systems, LLC

Helios is founded on the principle that the future is solar. 

Our company offers engineering consulting, project management and contracting services to the Solar PV community; servicing residential, commercial and government customers in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area.

We seek to help customers answer the following questions:

  • Will Solar work for me?
  • Does Solar Make Economic Sense?
  • What is “Net Metering” and when is it allowed?
  • What are the design and product choices?
  • How do I get Permits?
  • How can I find an Installer?
  • How do I obtain Government incentives?
  • What Are Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)?
  • My system doesn’t seem to be working right – How can I know?
  • When does it make sense to use stand alone solar vs grid tie?